Professional Reading

Falling in Love with Close Reading by Christopher Lehman & Kate Roberts
“Love brings us in close, leads us to study the details of a thing, and asks us to return again and again.  These are the motivations and ideas that built this book.”  -Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts

You and your students will fall for close reading. This text shows us that it can be rigorous, meaningful, and joyous.  You’ll empower students to not only analyze texts but to admire the craft of a beloved book, study favorite songs and videogames, and challenge peers in evidence based discussions.

The Literacy Teacher's Playbook by Jennifer Serravallo

Serravallo discusses multiple ways to collect student work and how to use the work as data in grades 3 - 6.  She describes how to analyze data by using a case study approach with student examples. This text overviews how to create an action plan for our students after reviewing their work.  This is a great book to read with colleagues and bring your own students' work to apply her methods.

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